Sunday, April 18, 2010

You can build a website in two weeks

There's nothing like a tight budget and a tight deadline to get the job done. Working with digital agency The Royals, I worked with the core team of the brand new Monash Obesity and Diabetes Institute (modi) to create their website. All content was created from scratch and it's come up really well.

Starting with a totally blank page, we drew inspiration from a range of clever sites such as Demos and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that are really using the widescreen web page style well, incorporating down-to-earth video and audio and embracing plain English. Another aspect of the site we really worked on was the biographies of faculty members, making them tighter and easier to read. The series of banners created by the Royals also really helped modi get its key messages across about just how serious the obesity epidemic really is.

Best of all, the site can be updated by the client whenever they like so breaking news in obesity or announcements about modi can be made without going back to the web team which will be extremely cost effective.

So my ingredients for a cracking website:
fresh | not too much text | very clear messages | less clutter | embracing plain English
Active language – READ THIS | WATCH THIS | CLICK HERE |
The impression of “hey, I’m useful”
Heaps of video/multimedia
That large window on the homepage with changing content
The home page gives the impression of being right in the action – with tweets, rss feeds, events, news right up front
Real time, continuous updating

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