Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A masterclass from some of the best speakers around

I had a ball researching a piece SmartCompany asked me to write on the biggest myths of public speaking. The time spent listening to the best people in the business reminded me of the intense preparation and thought that goes into compelling public speaking. I have used a lot of case studies and tips in the story and a few good video links. I hope you have time to read the whole piece - you might pick up something that will really make the difference in your next presentation. And like I always say, unless you are Barack Obama, there's room for improvement in your public speaking.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Media training isn't for everyone

New York mag has an interesting snippet on media training this week. I love a media training challenge, I love working with rough diamonds and regularly have to work around the sensitive topic of telling someone really good at what they do that they need to do a serious back flip on how they handle the media. This is something to be done extremely carefully, and has great results.

Very rarely there is a client that is beyond training...

Kanye West's 'Media Trainer' Reportedly Quit Within a Week

Kanye West's 'Media Trainer' Reportedly Quit Within a Week

After deciding to go on the Today show last week to respond to claims made by the former President that West's calling him racist was the worst moment of his presidency, Kanye, according to the Post today, hired Susie Arons, VP at Rubenstein Communications, for help handling the interview. Doing her job, she convinced him to cancel the interview altogether, but West decided, Tuesday morning, to do it anyway, so he practiced with Arons all morning and then arguably blew it during the first half. At the interview's break, West "huddled with the media trainer," like a boxer, "because he still hadn't found a way to express himself." Depending on how you look at it, West either failed to express himself even still, or expressed himself perfectly clearly, and then Susie Arons quit, after one week "media training" the man. Nobody tells Kanye how to express himself. [Page Six/NYP]