Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to avoid paralysis of analysis

In the media training work I do, I often come across people who OVER ANALYSE ever aspect of their performance to the point where it cripples their ability to perform. I have various techniques that work really well to get people out of this funk - all centred around getting the mind distracted from such negativity. It is torture to watch someone doing this to themselves (yes you Greg Norman). An important thing that researchers have found is that to improve, the best thing to do is close the gap between training and competition. That's why when I train people, I try and give people an experience as close as we can get to the real thing. This gives people the best preparation for the real launch/event/AGM/interview.

I was thrilled to hear Sian Beilock on the radio this week talking about her book Choke that is all about this analysis paralysis. (Even the best performers choke from time to time.) While I wait for my Amazon delivery, there have been some great pieces in Wired and Wall Street Journal about her. Go Sian.

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