Monday, February 7, 2011

Introducing Skype media training

One of my favorite client services is Skype media training. It is ultra efficient and ultra effective. Dial in, do the training, dial out, that's it. The camera is a powerful reminder of what you look like when being interviewed, how you come across and what you need to work on. The more screen time the better for anyone wanting to improve their media performance. In a Skype video call, trainees have to see their noggin' on the video screen for the whole time, get used to seeing themselves on screen and really think about how they are visually communicating.

I wouldn't recommend Skype for sessions of more than 60 minutes, but it is a brilliant medium nonetheless. And much as I love travelling to Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth or wherever to work with my fantastic clients, and as much as I love my indispensable cameraman, there is definitely a place for Skype training.

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