Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Performance-boosting guru

I was lucky enough to interview psychologist Sian Beilock this morning, she is an internationally renowned expert on brain science and performance, working out of the University of Chicago. She is the author of Choke, a very cool book that I am discussing in a feature for one of my clients on new breakthroughs in boosting performance in organisations. (Can't give you too many deets yet.) In her lab, she has intensely studied how people behave in stressful situations - giving speeches, sitting exams, going for that putt on the 18th hole etc. The great news is that there are really simple things you can do to improve performance. Simple things such as humming, writing down anxieties, preparing in different ways can stop that analysis paralysis that leads to sub-par performance. As a brain scientist, Beilock has the proof that these techniques work. Like so many around the world that are devouring her book, I will be incorporating her best strategies into my training (with full credit to Sian and her research team). It is refreshing to hear from Beilock.
Greg Norman should give her a call!

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