Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weapons of mass stress destruction

Smart Company has just published a feature I have written on mindful ways to beat stress.
Ch-ch-check it out READ MORE Yes I did speak to Matt Preston's trainer (how could I resist?) but wait there's more. The piece explores ways really busy CEOs deal with incessant stress and how the latest research is informing how to keep the pressure under control. Now if only I could practice what I preach.

Here are my top 10 tips. Follow the link for more deets.

Secret weapons against stress

  1. Be a realistic optimist
  2. Have a clear sense of purpose
  3. Find order in chaos
  4. Think long term
  5. Remember the woolly mammoth
  6. Understand there are simple strategies to avoid ‘choking’ under pressure – like humming
  7. Identify what you can and cannot control
  8. Exercise and diet are fundamental
  9. Know your stress limits
  10. And there’s always the boxed set or …


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