Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ah, that's better

I have had lots of fun working with uber designer Miss Kish on the new Bubbles Bathrooms website. I think you'll agree, it's a BIG improvement.
The client was so busy creating bathrooms and winning awards that its website was left to age. Bearing in mind that a business' website is the shop window to the business, I was relieved that Bubbles Bathrooms was open to doing the hard work necessary for the update. Some obvious, essential shifts that we made:
* GREAT INFO about the business team
* BETTER outline of services
* PUSHING the points of difference about the business
* Incorporating VIDEO (especially testimonials) and a project blog
* Improving SEO
* Using WORDPRESS to ensure continuous updates can be made without expense
* New brand identity for Miss Kish
Mission accomplished. I'll update in the next quarter and assess how the site is travelling.