Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to basics

Had some fun with this feature on business etiquette for SmartCompany.
Take the SmartCompany etiquette pledge…

• I will not be late for meetings.
• If being late in unavoidable, I will make a short, genuine apology and get on with it. I will not make long-winded excuses.
• I will use my iPhone, Blackberry and/or iPad in a considerate manner.
• I will not tweet and talk simultaneously.
• I am capable of turning off electronic devices or at least switching them to silent mode.
• I will respond to emails in a timely, courteous way.
• I will resist the urge to use emoticons.
• I will RSVP.
• I will introduce people in social situations.
• I will pay attention to a person’s name when I am being introduced and make an effort to memorise it.
• I will not guess how many months pregnant women are.
• I will not make assumptions about someone's sexuality or ethnicity.
• I will not act in an overly familiar way with new acquaintances, new clients and potential new investors – and avoid discussing sex, politics, religion.
• I am capable of listening to a presentation/keynote address without looking at my iPhone, iPad or Blackberry.
• I will eat, sneeze, entertain clients and behave in a culturally sensitive and professional manner at all times.


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