Friday, June 29, 2012

The ERB annual report

Am doing research for a client on the best annual reports around the world and have been inspired to keep mine very short and sweet this year. Happy new financial year. Read it here.

You asked for it

Top 10 services for clients this fin year:
1. Training sessions focused on YouTube/Vimeo two-minute corporate clips.
2. Pimp up + populate your LinkedIn/Facebook presence in just two hours.
3. 30/60-minute Skype training sessions for key presentations and interviews.
4. Campaign Monitor newsletters from blank page to emailed out in two hours.
5. Keynote address boot camps.
6. Crisis media messaging - dial 000 Emily Ross Bespoke and have plan of action/key messages in under 30 minutes.
7. Website audit and design brief for site upgrade.
8. Website copywriting.
9. Coaching for major broadsheet interview.
10. Internal marketing audit.
Read on buzzwords, video trends, shout outs and more  here

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