Friday, March 22, 2013

Avoiding Social Media Death

AFR finally has a large feature on executive uptake of Twitter. We know Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson have mastered the art. In Australia, only four of the ASX top 100 have official Twitter accounts. There are a few horror stories in here, but worth a read. BoQ's Stuart Grimshaw has a good litmus test. He always asks himself before he tweets: 'Will it bite me on the arse?'
According to the AFR, here are Aussie corporates' star tweeters:

Star tweeters

Kristen Boschma, general manager of social media agency The Social Hatch, says a number of Australian executives are already making expert use of Twitter:
The ABC’s managing director Mark Scott uses the channel as a “signpost to interesting thinking or reading”. He also tweets links to pieces that refute or clarify criticism from other media quarters. @abcmarkscott
Suzi Dafnis, CEO of Australian Businesswomen’s Network, offers information that helps her followers, personalises responses when she can and gives an insight into the things she enjoys reading. @SuziDafnis
Greg McAweeney, group executive manager of RaboDirect Australia and NZ, uses the medium to express his views and what inspires him. He is promoting the brand values of transparency. @GregMcAweeney
Tjeerd Jegan, managing director of Australian supermarkets and petrol at Woolworths, uses social media to support community-based initiatives. @tjeerdjegen


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