Sunday, June 16, 2013

Love this piece from Keith Yamashita's blog via The Fetch. It is all about nailing presentations and public speaking. I know it sounds like a lot of work (but that's why I'm here to make this process easier). I'm blogging just before I spend the rest of the day with another client off to do a big pitch in the US. I am working with a US comms team to get them fit for the day. The time they are investing today in training is going to make their stakeholder management so much easier. Also, the time they are investing in great content is also going to make a huge difference.
Some golden rules:
1. Write down the logic flow, not the words
2. Belabor the slides: Tighter, tighter, tighter
3. For every minute on stage, practice ten minutes in the real world
4. Practice hitting the “openings” of every section of your speech
5. Practice by saying it aloud, not just in your head
6. Know everything you can about the arena in which you’ll be speaking
7. Befriend the A/V guy
8. Embrace the importance of the big opening
9. It’s your show — and people want to see you succeed
10. Everyone is using your body language as a barometer of how you want them to react to you
11. Be ready for anything; startled by none of it 

12. Be emotive. Be yourself
Read the full, brilliant article here. He escapsulates how I work with my clients to really bring out their best. Go Keith!

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