Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crisis training for schools

I have also developed a new program for senior leaders in schools looking at reviewing their crisis media plans. The program is designed to quickly get senior staff up to speed on new timeframes for response in the event of an crisis. We work around a range of common scenarios from bus accidents to social media issues. Sessions are divided around spokespeople and other "gatekeepers" and include role playing, handling media packs, interview situations and a crisis plan for the first four hours of a crisis.

It is critical to get input from staff at the early stages of planning these session to avoid the "cookie cutter" crisis training sessions. Each school is very different and the culture of the school must be taken into account. In my experience, smart heads of school understand this and really keep me on my toes to ensure that training time and dollars are invested wisely.

Really look forward to more sessions. Staff really engage in the process.
Schools cannot always avoid the media glare so they need to get their act together and have a solid plan of action.

On set

 Can't wait to show you this new video shot for a retail client. Here are a few shots on location with director Charlie Ford. It's always very fun to come into a workspace, make a film for the day and tell an authentic company story. It's such a morale booster.