Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New KERB Media services!

Read more about new KERB Media crisis and social media services in our latest newsletter.
Includes schools'
In KERB's experience, these are the top 5 fears that keep school leaders awake at night.
  1. Death or injury to students on excursion or camp
  2. Bullying & other bad behaviour including sexting
  3. Criminal charges against staff
  4. Traditional and social media campaigns by disgruntled parents
  5. Financial mismanagement & inappropriate governance
In the smart phone age, everyone can film and publish on their smart phone - it will all be captured and distributed within seconds of the event. Just Google 'school bus crash AND youtube' for evidence.
However, each school has its own unique concerns. At KERB media we work with you to identify the most likely risks that your school faces and work with you to minimise risk, increase compliance and your team's capability to manage a crisis - from the head of school to receptionists, first-year teachers (who love Facebook) and security staff. Everyone has a vital role to play in protecting a school's reputation.

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