Friday, January 24, 2014

Fave podcasts from summer wanderings

You might think I need to get a life over summer, but being able to walk along the beach and listen to great speakers is not exactly hard work and it feeds the way I work with my clients, getting them to tell their stories authentically. Here are a few corkers that you might enjoy.

Hetain Patel's awesome speech on how we think about ourselves. Watch for his hilarious play on translators. What a cool artist he is.

Boyd Varty spoke on the day of Nelson Mandela's death, offering some firsthand stories about Mandela straight after he left prison.

Jake Barton takes a very exciting look at new ways to experience history in museum contexts - powerful ways to use digital technology to record history and offer much richer museum/gallery experiences.
Kelli Swazey, an anthropologist, shares her research on a remote Indonesian tribe's very different way of experiencing and celebrating death and how people we love translate from being alive to becoming ancestors. Beautiful.
Anas Aremeyaw restores your faith in journalism.
Margaret Heffernan's 'The dangers of wilful blindness', what a talk.

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