Friday, July 25, 2014

Content that is catchy

A client of mine sent through this article from the Huff Post by Noah Kagan that I should have shared with you earlier, Why content Goes Viral. There are lots of surprises - about influencers, images and the importance of posting on Tuesdays! Read the full article here. And I recommend following Noah through his feeds :>

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Very moody

Just co-facilitated a moodboard workshop today for a wonderful Melbourne retailer. Sorry I can't show you the moodboards created in collaboration with the client's inspiring creative team, CEO and other stakeholders but I can rave about what a great process it is.
I believe that moodboards can save your sanity READ MORE
They create great consensus, conversation and clarity for your team READ MORE
Moodboards create a wonderful branding tool for so many creative, strategic and commercial conversations i.e briefing graphic designers, web developers as well as new and existing clients/customers.
Can't show you my moodboards but here's one of VBs.