Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What I've been up to

A quick update on works in progress with Emily Ross Bespoke including:

  1. Spending as much time in the wonderful MPavilion as possible!
  2. Strategic comms for merger in education sector including video, digital campaigns and brochure collateral.
  3. Linkedin profiles for senior leadership team of banking institution.
  4. A series of workshops on experiences of care during terminal illness for a major healthcare provider.
  5. Websites for range of SMEs.
  6. Keynote addresses.
  7. Flyers and other marketing collateral for startup.
  8. Ongoing digital strategy for niche retailer.
  9. Pop up retailer marketing strategy and website.
  10. Linkedin profiles for range of CEOs of SMEs.
  11. Keynote address and marketing collateral for major mental health initiative.
  12. Pro bono work for Hagar Australia and Hagar International.
  13. Private marketing/business coaching sessions.
  14. Report/pitch writing.

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