Monday, January 12, 2015

First birth for 2015

Very happy to announce the birth of the new CPConsulting brand and website. A thriving Melbourne psychology practice - started with rebranding, Linkedin bios etc and have then rolled out a new website that is a waaaay better reflection of the excellent work that CPC does.

Some screen shots from the responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress template. 

Click here to view the live site!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy EOCY

It is that time of the year again. Please enjoy my unserious take on 2014.

Year in Review Emily Ross Bespoke No Images? Click here

Unseriously EOCY Report 2014

Dear readers, enjoy a few moments of mindful mindlessness and contemplate the rise of the selfie stick, dunch, infobesity, braingasms and armpit dingleberries.

Welcome to the least productive End of Calendar Year report you will read this year. As you count the seconds to your Christmukkah break, it's time to down tools, get off your hedonic treadmill and lose a few moments in mindful mindlessness as we recap on the weird and wonderful of 2014. Grab your paleo-fermented-cold-pressed coconut water - or get it on with a red ginger kombucha, kefir, kvass, shubat (camel's milk big in Asia right now) or a spiced almond mylk latte, kick back and relax. Make sure it's bought hyper-local. To take it to the next level, add a packet of limited edition Christmas tree-shaped barbecue shapes and read on.


Let's break the internet together and start with some braingasms

We thought you might be in need of a brain massage at this time of the year.
braingasm n. An intense rush of intellectual fervor or excitement in response to a stimulus such as finally understanding how to do that advanced calculus problem or even just anything really cool.
Through this report are some GIFs from the brilliant College Humor's Ultimate Braingasm Gallery.
source: urban dictionary/college humor

The selfie stick
- taking the selfie to a whole new level

The selfie stick is trending real hard right now as the entire planet gives in to the overwhelming desire to take selfies anywhere, anytime. Despite the fact that scientists are continuing to  publish reports that selfies feed into narcissism, addiction and mental illness, telcos around the world are rakin' it in. (Those damn sticks are $20 bucks at Big W if you are so inclined.)

Earth to Narcissus

"And how he kisses the deceitful fount;
and how he thrusts his arms to catch the neck
that's pictured in the middle of the stream!" (thanks Ovid)

Car selfie

First class selfie


selfie offences


Pretending to be asleep

Hospital selfie

Funeral selfie


Gym selfie

Disaster selfie


VOCAB boosters

Armpit dingleberries:

when stick deodorant is hastily applied to a hairy underarm region, resulting in chunks of deodorant becoming suspended in the mass of hair. e.g He raised his arms and I saw his armpit dingleberries.


a low carb, high fat diet.


using a hashtag to undermine your frenemies.


term referring to two men that are best friends.The masculine counterpart to the female "bestie".

Charge buddy:

a friend, family member or co-worker with whom you share a charger for an electronic device.


short for crazy. Red Foo brought this word back.


handy merger for flying and F#@k. e.g. I don't give a fluck about Kimye.

Hair migration:

when a man's hair slowly makes its way for the top of his head down to his back and behind. See hair migration expert Jude Law below (via

Hedonic treadmill:

the tendency to always go back to the same level of happiness despite positive life events.


the condition of continually consuming large amounts of information, especially when this has a negative effect on a person's wellbeing and ability to concentrate.


adj. - mediocre in level of quality; lying somewhere between OK (or fine) and barely tolerable in one's opinion. e.g. The concert was mehkay.


n. a trend in which ordinary, unfashionable clothing is worn as a deliberate fashion statement. See below Steve Jobs the pioneer of normcore fashion (via The Telegraph)


short for random. e.g. Who is that rando in the photo?
sources: urban dictionary, oxford dictionary blog,
Steve Jobs: "normcore" fashion pioneer

Dunch: not quite dinner but definitely past lunch.
e.g. "I don’t have time to meet for blunch but I can do DUNCH"


What not to wear to work for an interview about comet landing missions

Dr Matt Taylor did a series of interviews as part of his role in the Rosetta comet mission. Pity his PR team didn't ask him to wear a plain shirt. Twitter went nuts and he became known as the "sexist shirt guy" and the news feeds are thrilled as they have a hot story with loads of comments. Of course none of them were about comets. image: quora

Secretly like dental selfie by astonishingly brilliant Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.
Um, who needs masterpieces when you have freakin' Queen B and Jay Z? Not that I don't love a bit of B and Jay Z but can you step aside for a sec so we can look at the art?

ERB 'Please don't send an email' campaign for 2015

There are lots of you out there who have thoughtful messages on your emails about not printing out this email "unless you really have to"; how about we take it a step further and cut down on the world's email supplies and send LESS emails. According to researchers Radicati, 108.7 billion emails are sent and received every day. I know one of my resolutions for 2015 is to send less emails and delete more.
News out of Germany this week is that there is a proposal to ban after work business emails. Companies like Volkwagen, BMW and Deutsche Telekom already have policies in place to keep those work/life boundaries clear. At Volkwagen, the company's e-mail server is programmed to stop delivering messages to employee smartphones 30 minutes after work and to begin sending again 30 minutes before the start of a new work day. Weekends are a complete no-no.
Rather than dictating when people work (I like the nights I have to say and many other brilliant people I collaborate with do too), why not be more mindful at all times about sending emails?
(background: guardian)


You must see David Shrigley's truly wonderful show at the NGV #braingasms. And I must shout out to my evil twin's recent  Sally Ross at Murray White Room show. #breakthrough
Richard Linklater's Boyhood is a joy and the SBS The Sunny Side of Sex episode on Uganda is essential viewing. We need sengas in our community. True Detective and The Affair (with Dominic West from The Wire) are your juicy box sets.


Kyoto by Santa Maria Novella
Yes Franque store is Armadale is an adored client (kiss kiss SH and KM) but I must declare my devoutest devotion to Florentine farmacia Santa Maria Novella. Also try the men's patchouli -  (worn impeccably by RM!).


Mecca CEO Jo Horgan's speech at the opening of MC's flagship store. She articulated how we cannot see what we can realise so eloquently. #Slamdunk.


Highlight of December listening is NPR All Songs Considered's Top 25 Albums of 2014. A wonderful list and will help you feed Spotify/Soundcloud/Pandora all summer. Love affair with Mark Ronson continues - rediscovering old 'Someone to Love Me' and new 'Feel Right' feat. Mystikal; compulsive playing of Kate Bush's "Snowflake" (sorry kids, thank you JF); Daft Punk/Pointer sisters mash ups; rediscovering Debussy (thanks RB), P Glass's Galaxy series; entire catalogue of Ravi Shankar; Bill Evans and any DJ set by Ms Katie Graham.


Any mediation session from Esther Teule, Eckhart's Yoga's brilliant meditation teacher. Also Tara Brach podcasts, especially on the Sacred Art of Listening. Ladies you are the best teachers a girl could wish for.

all five senses

Sipping green tea surrounded by lush gardens at MPavilion. #visionary


Tonno e fagioli and a lime infused gin and tonic at Bar di Stasio. Grazie Andy and Daniele. Also MR's fresh coconut juice and Grey Goose tipple to get the evening started.
Same breakfast pretty much every day at happy place MLG. Thank you to Mark, Kim, Kimba, Jo and crew. Shout out to Hannah, Bodhi Monk and St Edmonds too.


The views from #meditationstations looking over Port Phillip Bay.


Sangeeta Sandraseeger's video installation Something Like A Panorama at Murray White Room was 21 minutes of heaven. You can view it on YouTube but it is a poor cousin to MWR's impeccable gallery experience. #zen


Bare feet on a real 70s dance floor. Red jumpsuit = ER. #bliss

Attention sheep shaggers, part-time racists and Jimmy Grants

Have to give a shout out to the insanely talented and all round top-shelf blokes filmmakers Jason Byrne and Tony Rogers and their series How to Talk Australians. It has taken off internationally (not surprised). Do yourself a favor.  LOL.

Make it rain and freak out with joy

It's time to sign off from 2014. Quite a year. Thank you to my brilliant clients, collaborators and confidants. You know who you are. Looking forward, am very excited to be working with the peerless Patricia Toohey on strategic comms projects with the heaven-sent designer Alex Warder; planning a range of campaigns with long-term clients, feeding the seals (in joke) and rolling out Linkedin profiles within mega organisations. I look forward to pouring tea for my clients, being disruptive (in the nicest and most productive sense of the word), working weird and wonderful hours (and taking tea on Wednesday mornings at the table of truth), running left-field workshops and remaining unapologetically curious, playful and open-minded. I wish you and yours a really great holiday break and see you when I see you.
Some of you peeps might enjoy this top ranking piece from the New York Times on Abundance Without Attachment by Arthur C Brooks. If you want to get fed #YeatsADay follow me @emilyrossbespoke
image: Beyond Sublime from Urs Fischer at Sadie Coles
Donate now! Get your kicks.
A really interesting client of mine introduced me to the work of Adam Phillips (thanks DT). In his book On Kindness, Phillips talks about research on 'philanthropy versus fun'. Guess which one gives people the biggest kick? Philanthropy. I can totally vouch for that. Emily Ross Bespoke is lucky to continue pro bono work locally and internationally with Hagar, an organisation that works with survivors of human trafficking. As part of Hagar's Christmas appeal, a generous Perth donor is doubling every donation up to Dec 25. It would be great to give him/her lots of kicks this Christmukkah. Funds are being used to deliver recovery services to 80 more women at its Phnom Penh women's shelter.  I've been to the shelter and it is very, very worth supporting. Come on pony up, it won't hurt a bit.
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Yes to lip sync battles

Honorable mention to divine Emma Stone, but my vote for Jimmy Fallon's genius Lip Sync Battle is Paul Rudd. Awesome.

The final word goes to Alan Watts

This is something to replay daily (thanks TC). Very beautiful. Have a very safe and wonderful 2015. xx Emily