Sunday, June 7, 2015

Productivity: Hands Up Who's Prone To Distraction?

Hello, hello,
Apologies for the lack of fresh blogs - I blame it on Instagram @emilyrossbespoke and having piles of interesting secret squirrel work to do that I can't blog about!

Anyway, I have a few productivity gurus that I adore including Eric Barker (Arianna Huffington, you have good taste) and Justin Rosenstein, cofounder of productivity software Asana. Here he is writing on Quora getting really detailed about how he likes to work effectively in a piece called:

What are some little-known productivity tips from various professions?

He has started "No Meeting Wednesdays", a practice I have adopted to avoid the horror of constant meetings and no time to actually deliver work! He also talks about finding your flow time: 

"Find your flow time. If your day is constantly interrupted by meetings, it's very difficult to get into flow, a state where you're really jamming and go deep on complex tasks.

  • Add 3-hour "meetings" to your calendar where you're the only attendee. Coworkers will schedule around these busy times, and you can get uninterrupted work done.
  • If you can, get your whole company to agree to a day per week where there shall be no meetings. At Asana, we have No-Meeting Wednesdays.
  • Track what times of the day work best for you for different activities. Do your hardest work during your "Superman time." Here's the process I used to determine that mine is from 10:00a-noon: Finding Your Superman Time."


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