Friday, July 24, 2015

Hagar thank you project

Was a privilege to write and direct this video for Hagar Australia - in collaboration with Wani Wall from the Wall Partnership and Emmy Award-winning cameraman Steven Briggs. Was shot in beautiful, sweltering Phnom Penh at the Hagar Catch-Up School where everyone from the Principal Piseth Nou to every student is nothing short of miraculous.
THANK YOU! from HagarAustralia on Vimeo.
Giving survivors of trauma the opportunity to catch up on school and reintegrate into the educational system is a priceless form of recovery. It is a reminder of the power of education and the fundamental human rights of all children. There is a feeling at that school that is impossible to describe but you can kind of feel the restoration of lives, the light and, it might sound corny but it's true, it is what hope feels like.