Think of me as your website midwife.
Murray White Room needed a seamless, beautiful contemporary template to showcase its contemporary artists.

Franque is cost-effective, but great looking site I worked on in late 2011. We used a Tumblr blog (so no back end/design fees) and the site was up in a matter of hours. We were very excited when the The Design Files, Design Sponge (one of the most influential design blogs in the world) and a range of Australian glossies picked up on the store immediately.

A simple Tumblr blog + clean copy +  great photography = effective website
Interior Stylist Caroline Gibbes needed a practical calling card and place to park her beautiful portfolio of interior projects.

A key part of Emily Ross Bespoke work these days is website consulting work. Clients come to me typically want to revive very tired, out-of-date sites. Here are a couple of examples:

Litsupport is a thriving legal printing business that needs to connect with high-end law firms and corporates. The new site is a very clear move away from the orange with secretary stock photo (very 2002!) to a site that really reflects the company, its staff, its services and expertise. I worked on that with the fantastic Kish & Co.



Bubbles Bathrooms is an award-winning Melbourne bathroom firm that does some of the most stunning bathrooms in town. (You wouldn't know it from their old website). We started from scratch, using Wordpress, to create a new site that would really show off their work, allow them to blog as much as they like, and assist the business to connect with the clientele it wants to attract. Bubbles already had an excellent stash of photography that we could use in the new gallery. I also worked on this job with  Kish & Co.

AFTER, ahhhh, that's better

Emily Ross Bespoke website services
  1. I work with minuscule through to large-scale budgets and respect every cent of every budget.
  2. Assist with web designer shortlist and appointment of web design team.
  3. In-depth consultation on contents, look and feel of the new site
  4. Develop website brief for new/upgraded site
  5. Research into best-practice sites, competitor sites and key trends to include in the site
  6. Website copywriting and editing, coordination of multimedia content
  7. Social media strategy
  8. Assess the possibility of producing the site using services such as Tumblr, Square Box, Big Cartel etc (so there is no back end to maintain)
  9. Set up new blogs
Why pick Emily Ross Bespoke? 
Extensive production management skills, a depth of knowledge of international websites, copywriting skills, multimedia production skills, and a passion for creating great user-friendly web experiences. I also have a radar for dodgy web companies that offer dodgy packages and try to sell ancient site styles and CMS systems that have had their day. Having written thousands of case studies, I can quickly grasp the "special value" of your business and what needs to be reflected through the site. I have worked with designers for more than 20 years and know how to get the best out of these sometimes tricky beasts!

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